Riding Sin: Wounded Inked MC Series: Book 1 MM Romance, ISBN: 9798822015067
Riding Sin: Wounded Inked MC Series: Book 1 MM Romance
  • By (author) McCoy Sky

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"It started one night, in one room, with one look, and one kiss."
Morgan Sinclair left the Army a broken man, but established his own security company with his brothers, Jack and Logan. After all, he needed to make a living and he couldn't spend his life with the Wounded Inked MC club drinking and womanizing his way through one town after another.
One night, a handsome stranger made Morgan an offer he couldn't refuse. Morgan accepted the proposition against his better judgement, because he'd always been straight, and just this once when his body hungered for something different, he took a chance that no one would discover what he'd done on that one night, and in that one room.
The scorching experience, the best he had ever had in his life, nevertheless, he tried to forget it and the man. Yet, the beautifully looking man dressed in a suit haunted him more than the sleepless nights serving in Afghanistan, because he'd never felt such pure satisfaction, pure pleasure of the body and spirit, and Morgan thought the one-and-done experience wouldn't leave him a changed man, but it did.
This book contains enemies to lovers, fake boyfriend, and HFN
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Independently Published
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May 9, 2022
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Riding Sin: Wounded Inked MC Series: Book 1 MM Romance, ISBN: 9798822015067  
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