Love Gospel Be Thy, Queen, ISBN: 9798449424570
Love Gospel Be Thy, Queen
  • By (author) Stephens Shanaya

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Love gospel be thy, Queen is a collection of 20 poems celebrating the spirit of LGBTQ+ community and the powerhouse that women are!

A three part poetry collection- Queer, Reflections and Queen.

'Queer' aims to give an insight in the life of LGBTQ+ people- the stigmas surrounding them, the opinions people hold against them and their spirit of love.

'Reflections' talk about the society and thoughts and highlights the singularity of being a human irrespective of the gender identity.

'Queens' celebrates women and their contributions to society and brings forth the joy, misery and love of being a woman.
An absolute must read, Love gospel be thy, Queen will leave the reader feeling both happy and sad, full and empty, and all of this, in the most positive way possible. Shanaya writes elegantly and gracefully, and if this is the connect she has managed to establish with her readers with two incredible and moving collections, there is heaps of anticipation to know what she will come up with next.
- Sarika Patkotwar
Book Blogger @TheReaddicts
Author- Is It Over Yet?, Just Another day, Emily's Christmas
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Independently Published
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Apr 18, 2022
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Love Gospel Be Thy, Queen, ISBN: 9798449424570  
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