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  • By (author) Elizabeth Libby Wong

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ELIZABETH LIBBY WONG was born in China and brought up and educated in Hong Kong. RETURN is a story of Hong Kong seen through her looking glass. It is acclaimed as a reliable historical account of significant events in Hong Kong over a period of 70 years from 1947 to 2017. A teacher of English by profession, she is a former civil servant and politician from Hong Kong. She served as Director of Social Welfare Department (1987-89); Secretary for Health and Welfare (1990-1994) and a Legislator of the last legislature under British rule (1995-97) . Now a popular writer of books in English and Chinese, her publications are extensive, including: A Basic Course on English; A Basic Companion to Good English; Thanks for the Memories; An Instant Patriot; Beat the Climate Crunch; Rainbow City and Flower Mountain. She has been a columnist , notably with Ming Pao and the South China Morning Post.

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Return, ISBN: 9789881608000  
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