Cigar Box Lithographs Volume IV, ISBN: 9781039153516
Cigar Box Lithographs Volume IV
  • By (author) Humber Charles J.

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Cigar Box Lithographs: Volume IV, written and compiled by Charles J. A. Humber, the fourth in a series showcases the author's longtime passion for tobacco-related collectibles. Like the previous volumes, this beautifully illustrated book is a historical window into the world of cigar box ephemera. In the newest edition, Humber starts off in his signature style, with a deep dive into a rare collectible. In this case, it's a cigar box, the inside cover emblazoned with the beloved Bard. Humber delves into the cigar box's provenance (New York), then quickly shifts to Shakespeare's enduring cachet, speaking about his plays, sonnets, and Ontario's famous Stratford Festival.

Also similar to its precursors, in Volume IV readers are once again treated to Humber's chatty, erudite writing style; reading it no doubt makes Cigar Box Lithographs fans feel like they're sitting down with a treasured friend enjoying a long and fascinating conversation.
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Date of Pub.:
Jun 7, 2022
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Cigar Box Lithographs Volume IV, ISBN: 9781039153516  
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