Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews, ISBN: 9780521689793
Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews
  • By (author) Aronson, Shlomo

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This book offers an analysis of the Holocaust as a multiple trap, its origins, and its final stages, in which rescue seemed to be possible. With the Holocaust developing like a sort of a doomsday machine set in motion from all sides, the Jews found themselves between the hammer and various anvils, each of which worked according to the logic created by the Nazis that dictated the behavior of other parties and the relations between them before and during the Holocaust. The interplay between the various parties contributed to the victims' doom first by preventing help and later preventing rescue. These help and rescue efforts proved mainly self defeating, and various legacies about them emerged during the Holocaust and are heatedly debated even today. Their real nature is uncovered here on the basis of newly opened archives worldwide.

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Cambridge University Press
Paperback / Softcover
Date of Pub.:
Aug 14, 2006
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Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews, ISBN: 9780521689793  
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