Stitch and Style Pouches, ISBN: 9781338158854
Stitch and Style Pouches
  • By (author) Eva Steele-Staccio

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Brief Description

Make your own fabulous pouches with Stitch and Style
Choose from 20 designs to make 4-6 fun and useful
pouches out of soft felt.

Cute designs include:

A cat with sunglasses

A lemon

A cactus

A puppy

...and more!

With fabric, felt, coloured thread, buttons and sewing needles
- this kit encourages creativity and innovation!

It's the perfect accessory to attach to your backpack
and hold your tiny treasures.

What is Klutz?

Klutz is a premium brand of book-based activity kits, designed
to inspire creativity in every child.

Our unique combination of crystal-clear instructions, custom tools
and materials and hearty helpings of humour is 100% guaranteed
to kick-start creativity.

Super-clear instructions

Open-ended creativity

Rewarding reading

Skills to build on

Everything you need

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Book Details
Edtitions scholastic
Mixed media product (48 pages)
Date of Pub.:
Oct 5, 2017
206 x 230 x 37mm
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Stitch and Style Pouches, ISBN: 9781338158854  
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