1st Grade Math, ISBN: 9780761178088
Star Wars Workbook
1st Grade Math
  • By (author) Workman Publishing

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Learn well, you will.

  • Help Dooku count to 120
  • Find the shapes in Anakins workshop
  • Add and subtract battle droids, lightsabers, and starfighters!

Make learning an intergalactic adventure! From the creators ofBRAIN QUEST, Americas #1 educational bestseller, and from the iconic world ofStar Wars,1st Grade Mathis 96 fun-filled pages of curriculum-based exercises and activities. It reinforces key math concepts, including addition and subtraction, counting by 1s and skip counting, two-dimensional shapes, and more.

  • All content aligns with national Common Core State Standards
  • Vetted by award-winning teachers on theBRAIN QUEST Advisory Board
  • Illustrated throughout with hundreds ofStar Warscharacters, species, creatures, planets, starships, and more

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Workman Publishing
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Jun 17, 2014
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1st Grade Math, ISBN: 9780761178088  
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