Management Mistakes and Successes, ISBN: 9780470087008
Management Mistakes and Successes
  • By (author) Robert F. Hartley

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To know what works, understand what didn't! Great business leaders don't manage to avoid mistakes. They manage to learn from them. Now, you can go out and make your own errors - and suffer the consequences - or you can read this book and painlessly glean the secrets of successful management strategy from the real-life missteps of some of the foremost corporations and business leaders. In the ninth edition of this classic book, Robert Hartley takes you inside the trials and tribulations of top companies to examine the crises the managers faced, the decisions they made, and the results, both good and bad, of their actions. Out of these tales of reckless acquisitions, strategic bungles, lost opportunities, failed leadership, and entrepreneurial exuberance gone wild, Hartley hands you practical insights and strategic principles that will guide you down your own road to success.
Under the microscope, you'll find such instructive cases as: Quaker's acquisition of Snapple that was anything but sweet; Euro Disney's bungling of a successful format; Ford's crash-and-burn handling of the Explorer/Firestone fiasco; Vanguard's success in taking the road less traveled; Southwest Airlines' dubious challenge to 'try to match our prices'; and, Boeing's continuing battle for dominance with Airbus. Fully revised and updated, the "Management Mistakes, Ninth Edition" covers every key aspect of management - managing performance and crises; mergers and acquisitions; planning; leadership and execution; controls and oversight; and entrepreneurship. And for the first time, the book includes 'Great Comebacks' - tales of companies and leaders who actually did learn from their mistakes, so you can too.

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Book Details
Paperback / Softcover (432 pages)
Date of Pub.:
Oct 23, 2007
9th revised edition

Chapter 1 Introduction. Part I Managing Ebbing Performance and Crisis. Chapter 2 Tough Love -- Dunlap's Approach to Troubled Companies. Chapter 3 Perrier -- Overreacting to a Crisis. Chapter 4 Ford Explorers with Firestone Tires: Ill-Handling a Killer Scenario. Part II Great Comebacks. Chapter 5 Continental Air -- Salvaging From the Ashes. Chapter 6 Harley-Davidson -- A Long-Overdue Revival. Chapter 7 IBM -- A Fading Giant Rejuvenates. Part III Merger Pitfalls. Chapter 8 Snapple: Quaker's Reckless Acquisition. Chapter 9 Newell's Acquisition of Rubbermaid Becomes an Albatross. Chapter 10 DaimlerChrysler -- Blatant Misrepresentation. Part IV Planning. Chapter 11 Euro Disney -- Bungling a Successful Format. Chapter 12 Boeing -- Losing, Then Regaining, Dominance vs. Airbus. Chapter 13 Vanguard -- Success in Taking the Road Less Traveled. Chapter 14 A Hedge Fund Manager Finds Opportunity in Two Faltering Firms -- Kmart and Sears. Part V Leadership and Execution. Chapter 15 Hewlett-Packard Under Carly Fiorina, and After Her. Chapter 16 Wal-Mart -- A Tottering Giant. Chapter 17 Southwest Airlines: "Try to Match Our Prices". Chapter 18 Herman Miller: A Beleagured Role Model in Leadership. Part VI Controlling. Chapter 19 UnitedWay -- A Not-for-Profit Also Needs Controls and Oversight. Chapter 20 Maytag -- Incredibly Loose Supervision Over a Foreign Subsidiary. Chapter 21 MetLife -- Poorly Controlled Sales Practices. Part VII Entrepreneurial Adventures. Chapter 22 Boston Beer: Is Greater Growth Possible? Chapter 23 OfficeMax -- To the End. Chapter 24 Gateway Computer's Efforts to Stay Alive. Chapter 25 Conclusions -- What Can Be Learned?

Bob Hartley is Professor Emeritus at Cleveland State University's College of Business Administration. There he taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in management, marketing, and ethics. Prior to that he was at the University of Minnesota and George Washington University. His MBA and Ph.D. are from the University of Minnesota, with a BBA from Drake University. Before coming into academia, he spent 13 years in retailing with the predecessor of Kmart (S. S. Kresge). J.C. Penney, and Dayton-Hudson and its Target Subsidiary. Positions held included store management, central busying, and merchandise management. His first textbook, Marketing: Management and Social Change, was published in 1972. It was ahead of its time in introducing social and environmental issues to the study of marketing, Other books, Marketing Fundamentals, Retailing, Sales Management , and Marketing Research, followed. In 1976, the first Marketing Mistakes book was published, and it brought a new approach to case studies, making them student-friendly and more relevant more

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Management Mistakes and Successes, ISBN: 9780470087008  
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