Politics of Bureaucracy, ISBN: 9780415194778
Politics of Bureaucracy
  • By (author) B. Guy Peters

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Routledge is proud to publish the fifth edition of this comprehensive, comparative exploration of the political and policy-making roles of public bureaucracies in nations around the world. Written by a leading authority in the field, it offers an extensive, well documented, comparative analysis stressing the effects of politics and organised interests on bureaucracy.

New to the fifth edition:

* a new chapter on administrative reform
* more material on administration in developing countries
* more coverage of the European Union and more discussion of international bureaucracies
* revision and up-dating to take into account the wealth of new literature that has emerged in recent years.

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Book Details
Taylor & Francis
Paperback / Softcover (404 pages)
Date of Pub.:
Aug 1, 2001
5th New Edition

1. Persistence, Growth & Change of Government & Administration 2. Political Culture & Public Administration 3. Recruitment of Public Administrators 4. Problems of Administrative Structure 5. Politics & Public Administration 6. The Politics of Bureaucracy 7. Paying for Government: Budgetary Process 8. Politics of Administrative Accountability 9. Public Administration in the 1990s

B. Guy Peters is Maurice Falk Professor of American Government and chair of the Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh

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Politics of Bureaucracy, ISBN: 9780415194778  
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