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ISBN: 9789814410939

Global Value Chain Management

Hardcover (176 pages)

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Table of Contents :
Chapter 1 Global Value Chain and Its Governance.
Chapter 2 The Global Apparel Value Chain.
Chapter 3 Li & Fung’s Business Model Transformations.
Chapter 4 From Trade Intermediary to Value Chain Orchestrator—Understanding the Transformation of Li & Fung Using the Service-dominant Logic.
Chapter 5 Li & Fung’s Network Governance.
Chapter 6 Knowledge Management and Network Governance—Becoming a Global Value Chain Knowledge Center.
Chapter 7 Will Alibaba Rival Li & Fung? Bibliography. Index.
In the past couple of decades, increasing economic globalization and trade liberalization have removed many trade barriers between countries. Today, more and more firms have reconfigured their value chain activities across the globe to leverage on the comparative advantages of different countries. In this regard, many Chinese firms that are keen to move up the value ladder and become modern value chain orchestrators are positioning themselves as integrators of the industry chain that consolidate external resources.
In Global Value Chain Management, apart from introducing the concepts of global value chains, their disintegration and integration, the reasons behind outsourcing, and the different value chain governance mechanisms, the authors also lead us in examining how Li & Fung, one of the world’s most outstanding firms in this area, transformed itself and rose to become a global value chain orchestrator.

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